1. SONG OF THE DAY - 3/6/13

    Girls Aloud - No Good Advice

    NUMBER 100! We’ve come a long way since we launched in April, but unfortunately for now this is the end of No Good Advice for the forseeable future. We’d like to thank everyone who read the ‘zine, clicked a link, RT’d, Favourited, Reblogged and everyone who supported us as we endeavoured to create SOMETHING.

    Personally, I’m so proud of what we made. The fact that I have this little A5 sized magazine that I made with my best friend will never not be cool. I have one more post I’m planning to write for the blog sometime this week, but after that I’m focusing my attention elsewhere for the time-being.

    If you want to follow either of us on the internet, you can listen to my podcast The Enthusiast and check out the extra content on its website, or you can follow Zoe’s tumblr The Dissertation Diaries, where she chronicles a load of interesting things relevant to her studies.

    In the words of my favourite band, 

    All’s Well That Ends.

    Kieran Shiach.


  2. SONG OF THE DAY 2/8/13

    The Ronettes - Be My Baby

    Here we are at SONG OF THE DAY #99, and as we’re talking about favourite songs, I have to feature my favourite song of all time. Those drums, man, those drums. The most referenced beat in pop music history. It’s not the drums, it’s the perfect mix of every instrument, including Ronnie’s voice. While not the strongest voice on Phillies (Credit to Darlene Love), the passion and dedication she imbues the track sets it apart from of its contemporaries. Quite simply, it’s the perfect song. 


  3. SONG OF THE DAY - 1/8/13

    Kenickie - Acetone

    No mention of favourite songs on this blog could ever be complete without a mention of Kenickie. My all-time, second favourite band ever (Behind Los Campesinos! but ahead of Girls Aloud) The whole of their debut album ‘At The Club’ is pretty much a snotty-punk masterpiece, but this is the song that sticks with me the most. It’s haunting and beautiful and the saddest thing I’ve ever head. The way it floats and swells is unmatched in modern music, and the vocal delivery is heart-wrenching. Out of the 98 songs we’ve featured so far, if you only ever listen to one, make it this.


  4. SONG OF THE DAY - 31/7/13

    Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango

    Another suggestion from a friend, this one comes from @andothergames, who was the first, and only person to suggest something by an act I hadn’t heard of it. She described it as a party song, and that’s definitely what it is. It’s in Portuguese, so a lot of people won’t be able to understand the words, but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand the song. It’s fun, lively and surprisingly, great to sing along to, even if you don’t know what you’re singing.


  5. SONG OF THE DAY - 30/7/13

    Feral Conservatives - Control

    Today’s song comes from our good tumblr friends Feral Conservatives. I wasn’t aware of them until they followed us, and we followed them back, but I’m really enjoying the stuff on their Soundcloud. It’s got that sweet lilt to it that I love from my music, and they use mandolin in a way that enhances the song, without it being a crutch. Check them out, especially if you like bands like Sky Larkin, and The Indelicates.


  6. SONG OF THE DAY - 29/7/13

    Super Furry Animals - Ice Hockey Hair

    Today’s SONG OF THE DAY was picked my friend Rush, AKA @BananaramaSharm on Twitter, who described it is as “everything I want in a song” and I can see what she means. I’ve never really listened to much by the Super Furry Animals, but I may need to re-evaluate some life decisions because this is great. It’s sloppy in the way that Unicorns track from the other day is, but it still knows exactly what it wants to accomplish. I like it a whole lot.




  9. SONG OF THE DAY - 28/7/13

    Columbia’s Gayest Quartet - God Only Knows

    So, I completed Bioshock Infinite last night, and as I sat there contemplating the brilliant ending, I was comforted by this excellent, haunting take on one of the greatest songs of all time, made especially bittersweet when you take it context of the game. Even if you’re not a gamer, you can appreciate this brilliant adaptaion of a classic pop song.